Supplementary material for papers

Trout database

Supplementary material

  • genotypes from Jadro and Žrnovnica, related to the Snoj et al., 2007 (Supplementary material; sample size, expected and observed heterozygosity, Fis values, number of alleles, allelic richness) and Sušnik et al., 2007 papers.
  • genotypes from Neretva, related to the Razpet et al., 2007 paper and Razpet's thesis
  • GeneBank Accession numbers of mitochondrial DNA sequences used for phylogenetic tree construction in Snoj et al., 2008.

    Species/HaplotypeATP6Cyt bCR
    S. trutta AT1X76247X76254X93586
    S. trutta AT2X76247X76254M97971
    S. trutta DA1X74245X76252AY260524
    S. trutta DA2X74245X76252AY185570.1
    S. trutta MA1X74244X76251AY260522
    S. trutta MA2X74244X76251DQ318130
    S. trutta MA3X74244X76251M97981
    S. trutta AD3X74243X76251AY260518
    S. trutta AD1X74242X76250AY260516
    S. trutta AD4X74242X76251AY260520
    S. trutta ME2X74241X76249AY836351
    S. trutta ME1X74240X76248AF253550
    S. ohridanusEU282329AF053590AY260512
    S. salarX76246AF053591AF488535
    Salvelinus fontinalisAF154850AF154850AF154850