The River Neretva

The River Krka

The River Jadro

The River Vrljika

The River Soča

Rivers of Serbia

Rivers of Montenegro

Hutovo blato

Lake Ohrid

The Kama and Ural river system

The Kama and Ural river system

This expedition, which lasted two weeks, included several research areas such as paleontology, ornithology, small rodents and ichthyology. Consequently, nine people and a lot of luggage accumulated, which was altogether magically packed in a 4WD military van and small Lada Oka.

> Sightseeing the city of Kazan, the capital of the Tatarstan republic

> Entering the steppe country

> First surprise in Russian steppe

> We made a camp next to the water

> Oleg and Igor Askeyev opened the fishing

> Saša with his advanced outfit is searching for grayling

> Fishing Russian way (The River Verhny Kandyz)

> Even polaroid glasses couldn’t conjure up any grayling

> Matjaž did it his way and caught Alburnus alburnus

> Sergey Monakhov, the most successful fisherman of the expedition, caught a pike

> Evenings were decorated with night butterflies

> We proceeded thru the land of optimistic beavers

> We passed by a live beaver dam in the solitude of upper Ural drainage

> “There's a small creek over yonder, that's where grayling live…”

> Great successes – our first grayling from the upper Ural River

> There were more… You just cannot do it otherwise if you are a morphologist (and want to describe another species)

> We celebrated late in the evening and some of us ended up with somehow blurry sight

> Our technical support, Rustem the driver (left) and our body guard kung-fu master Saša Belayev, otherwise small rodent expert

> New friendships struck up

> Expedition finished at the start of Kuybishev Lake. Vodka and friends – don’t need anything better