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The River Neretva

Two trips were organized to the River Neretva, the first in 1999 and the second in 2001. Both trips were organized by our colleague from Sarajevo Samir Muhamedagić with help from the Angling Club of Konjic. Electro-fishing was performed by colleagues from the Slovenian Fishery Research Institute (the first trip) and Angling Club of Tolmin (the second trip).

The primary motive for visiting the River Neretva was to obtain Neretva marbled trout samples in order to compare them with samples from the River Soča in Slovenia. We were not expecting any softmouth trout as we believed that this species was already extinct. However, on site we observed a number of softmouth trout as well as other phenotypic forms, which provided the incentive for a second sampling campaign two years later.

First expedition to Neretva in 1999

Approach to the sampling site

Glavatica is a local name for Salmo marmoratus

Diving for trouts

Mine fields close to the sampling site

Confluence of Buna and Neretva

Canyon of Rakitnica

Samir Muhamedagić

Dušan Jesenšek