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Extensive sampling of trout was carried out in seven years by members of the Facultly of Biology (University of Belgrade), local fishing organizations, Institute for Nature Protection and several enthusiasts.

A total of 101 brown trout from 35 locations across southern Serbia were collected by electrofishing and fly-fishing from 1997 until 2004. Sixty-one of these individuals came from 23 sample sites distributed across the tributaries in Serbia feeding the Danubian drainage, 20 from eight tributaries of the Vardar and Struma rivers (Dragovištica River) basins (Aegean drainage) and the remaining 20 from four upper stretches of the Beli Drim basin (Adriatic drainage).

Sampling location on a map of Serbia

Brevina river

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Sampling in Serbia

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Vlasina lake and river

Salmo trutta from the Aegean and Danubian drainage

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Brown trout, Huchen and Grayling