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Balkan Trout Restoration Group

It’s been seven years since the establishment of the Balkan Trout Restoration Group, which still operates under the umbrella of the Department of Animal Science at the University of Ljubljana. Although the application of phylogeny, phylogeography and population genetics to address the conservation of Balkan salmonids remains our priority, we have begun to widen our objectives by stepping outside of the Balkans. We have also started to study fish in other genera and extend our research to encompass functional genomics.

This somewhat altered orientation and coverage raise doubts about the suitability of the name of the group. Nevertheless, we feel that over the past few years Balkan Trout Restoration Group has become a recognizable brand and we have therefore decided to retain the name.

We would like to thank our numerous co-workers from Slovenia, Albania, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, France, Hungary, Russia, Sweden and the US—listed in the people section—for fruitful cooperation. Without their help we couldn’t have accomplished all our results and achievements. We would also like to thank the many anonymous people who gave us great support in the field. We are particularly grateful to Patagonia and James Prosek, who initiated the establishment of the group and supported it financially.

Last update: March 27st, 2023