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Vernacular names of the Balkan trout

On suggestion of one of our website visitors, we present vernacular names of different trout of the Balkans.

Corrections or additional suggestions from the locals are welcome.

Salmo obtusirostris – Softmouth trout

  • oxyrhynchus, from river Neretva – Mekousna pastrva/pastrmka (Croatia, CRO/Bosnia and Herzegovina, BIH)
  • no subspecies name, the river Vrljika – Mekousna pastrva (CRO)
  • salonitana, the river Jadro – Solinka (CRO)
  • krkensis, the river Krka – Zlousta (CRO)
  • zetenzis, the river Zeta – Lipjen (Montenegro, MNE)

Salmo ohridanus – no common name in English

  • Belvica (Macedonia, MKD)
  • Belushka (Albania, ALB)

Salmo letnica – Ohrid trout

  • Ohridska pastrmka (MKD)
  • Koran (ALB)

Salmo dentex – no common name in English

  • from river Neretva – Zubatak (BIH, CRO)
  • from river Zeta and Morača – Strun (MNE)

Salmo marmoratus – Marble trout

  • Soška postrv, marmorirana postrv (Slovenia, SLO)
  • Glavatica (Serbia, SRB, BIH)
  • Zubatak, glavatica (CRO, for details click here)
  • Trota marmorata (Italy, ITA)

Salmo trutta – Brown trout

  • Potočna postrv (SLO)
  • Potočna pastrva (CRO)
  • Potočna pastrmka (BIH, SRB, MNE, MKD)